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Automation will determine which firms become the manufacturers of tomorrow. See how we’re enabling that today.


CCAM Kitting

Operating a kitting application with a mobile industrial robot.

RVT Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel features RVT’s Single Camera 3D Tech.

MAP Side Sill Assembly

Single Camera 3D guiding multiple axis robots in side assembly.

Random Bin Picking

See RVT’s Bin Packing technology in action.

Ford Winsor Pack-In

Pack in and pallet stacking with Vision Factory.

Ford Gear Transfer

Vision Factory controlling three robots in a gear transfer cell.

In the Press

RVT Upgrades Car Manufacturing to New Levels

New versions of Vision Factory provide better compatibility and usability...

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Automaker Study Finds Vision Factory Most Accurate 3D...

One of the world’s largest automakers declares Vision Factory most accurate by large margins...

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Robotic VISION Technologies Granted 4 Patents to Advance Next Generation Machine Vision

RVT aims for innovations in safety and motion tracking...

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