Our product lines complement any manufacturing need, big or small.

The Vision Factory™ Product Lines

RVT's Vision Factory and Vision Factory PRO allow robots to work in unstructured or varying environments. VF locates parts in all six degrees of freedom on automated manufacturing lines, aligning to any need.

Vision Factory STANDARD

VF STANDARD is RVT's simple, nimble, user-friendly software – loaded with only essential features.

SC3D Enabled

SC3D Enabled

The same powerful SC3D technology, just in a friendlier package.

Single Robot Support

Single Robot Support

Choose from the world’s leading industrial or collaborative robots.

Multiple Parts and Cameras

Multiple Parts and Cameras

Find up to 4 parts with up to 3 cameras in 2D, 2.5D, or 3D.

Vision Factory PRO

VF PRO is RVT's professional line for integrators or sophisticated manufacturers. 

Unlimited Applications

Unlimited Applications

Find as many parts as needed with unlimited configurations.

Multi-Robot Support

Multiple Robot Support

Add multiple robots from the world’s leading industrial or collaborative robots.

Advanced Machine Vision Techniques

Advanced Machine Vision Techniques

Part ID, barcode reading, image processing and optimization, and more.

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Contact us for a lifetime license quote. 

Competitively priced. Additional hardware and support not included. 

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Contact for a lifetime license quote.

For all the possibilities. Additional hardware and support not included.

Full Application Support

Vision Factory's Single Camera 3D works best for rigid-body and feature-rich parts like mechanical OEM or injection molded parts. Vision Factory guides 6-axis industrial and collaborative robots to interact safely and effectively with the assembly environment. RVT's customers use VF for pack-in and pack-out, material handling, and machine tending.

Pick & Place

Accurately pick parts from a conveyor or tray.

Material Handling & Assembly

Confidently move parts through the assembly process.

Pack-In & Pack-Out

Eliminate packaging shifts when packing or unpacking.

Random Bin Picking

Pick parts randomly collected in bins.

Machine Tending

Find machine controls for automated tending.

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